Our primary objective, from the very beginning, was to provide an alternative to Ethiopian food culture, and act as a healthy substitute for the consumers. We believe that eating should be more than just "consuming" meat, it should be a delicious and satisfying experience. We aim to provide the consumers with this experience.

Beef Mortadella
Finley hashed/ground meat, heat cured. Historic origins: Bologna Italy. Flavoured with several spices accordingly .

Beef Smoked Sausage
Slow cooked sausage with several spices enhancing flavour. Includes paprika, garlic and red pepper.

Beef Bacon
Often cured and smoked. It comes from the beef navel- underneath the short ribs between the flank and the briscett.

Beef Salami
First cured and smoked, then fermented and air dried. Can store at room temperature for 40 days.

Beef Sausage
Ground meat with salt and spice as well as breadcrumbs, with skin around it.



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Our Products are convenient for all, from college students who do not have time to cook, to families that have to prepare breakfast and packed lunches for their children. Our ready prepared food makes cooking much easier and time efficient.

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