In April 2007, the Ethiopian Privatization Agency had three challenges regarding Debre Zeit Swine Farm. The first was that it was a pig farm with very few pigs; secondly, it brought in little income as the majority of the Ethiopian demographic did not consume pork products; and the government did not know what to do with the farm. Thus they decided to privatize it.

Dr. Kassahun and Dr. Yodit went to visit the farm and were immediately captured by its qualities; they fell in love with the land. It was elevated, spacious and had a beautiful landscape; the soil was fertile, the potential was massive, and it was the first time Dr. Kassahun had ever looked at swine! His extensive education in Europe facilitated an understanding and vision of the farm's potential, and immediately began forming a plan to revive the farm and cultivate it into a massive production plant.

Statistically, the farm had a mere 26 underpaid employees and only 500 pigs. He implemented significant changes such as a significant increase in the employees' salary, free lunch and methods of efficient working.

Soon they began selling their products, determined to give the Ethiopian market a taste of good quality meat at an affordable price. With demand increasing annually, Dr. Kassahun and Dr. Yodit began to diversify the farm's products by including beef, pork, chicken as well as dairy products. They also sought advice from German and Hungarian experts in the meat industry, with decades of experience and success, whose suggestions were effective in increasing the quality of our products.

Now the Debre Zeit Swine Farm has a multi-million birr meat processing plant with state of the art machinery imported from Switzerland, Germany, and several countries known for the excellence of their products. Debrezeit Swine Farm sells over 50 types of products to both the public, as well as providing meat for international hotels and restaurants including the Sheraton, Hilton, Raddison Blu and more.

We are also proud to have 150 hard working employees in several areas of production including feed, animal care and working in the plant, that are dedicated to producing the best quality products in Ethiopia.


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